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Updated 10/30/2016



Listing of Lost Members

 By way of explanation, the Society has only listed a member as deceased when actual notice has been received. The listing of lost members includes deceased as well as lost members. We hope that our members will review the lists and lets us know if an individual has a new address or is deceased. We hope that the information will be submitted for each person on a separate note card or a separate sheet of paper. It should be mailed to the Society's office at the address on the home page.


The membership listing, now totaling approximately 25,000, was computerized beginning in 1989. Since that time, the following major efforts have been made to locate lost members: first, when a primary member has a bad address and a successor has a good address, the mailing is made to the primary in care of the successor and visa versa (this is done with every newsletter mailing); second, a listing of lost members by state was sent to the regents of the applicable state; third, in 1993, a listing of all of the lost members was sent to the thousand most active members of the Society for their review; and fourth, for the lost primary members of the past twenty years, we sent a letter to the applicable proposer if the proposer has a good address. As mentioned on the Home Page, the Society currently has approximately 16,400 members with good addresses. We hope that with this list we can increase that number and enable more of our members to participate in Society activities.


Lost Dames and Barons Listing by State:

Alaska (19)
Alabama (159)
Arkansas (77)
Arizona (75)
California (571)
Colorado (84)
Connecticut (95) 
Dist. of Columbia (84)
Delaware (43)
Florida (447)
Georgia (430)
Hawaii (12)
Iowa (38)
Idaho (11)
Illinois (216)
Indiana (94)
Kansas (78)
Kentucky (178)
Louisiana (172)
Massachusetts (110)
Maryland (161)
Maine (29)
Michigan (73)
Minnesota (23)
Missouri (100)
Mississippi (105)
Montana (7)
Nebraska (44)
North Carolina (303)
North Dakota (2)
New Hampshire (25)
New Jersey (120)
New Mexico (32)
Nevada (21)
New York (297)
Ohio (161)
Oklahoma (118)
Oregon (74)
Pennsylvania (232) -
Rhode Island (9)
South Carolina (117)
South Dakota (5)
Tennessee (221)
Texas (940)
Utah (14)
Virginia (345)
Vermont (16)
Washington (96)
Wisconsin (38)
West Virginia (52)
Wyoming (7)
Military Addresses (3)
Foreign Addresses (35)


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