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Magna Charta Dames and Barons
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P.O. Box 4222, Philadelphia, PA 19144

Telephone: 215-836-5022; Fax 215-836-5056

Links For Magna Charta - Internal

Link List Title

The list of video links can be found at     and the list of text links can be found at

There are several narritives. We started with news with links to items of interest including text and video. Then we developed an electronic newsletter to replace the mailed newsletter with explanations of what could be found on the website.

Now we have included a drop down menu of all of the news, by year, as well as a drop down list of all of the electronic newsletters. In the case of the news items, there were a considerable number of hyperlinks which we are in the process of updating so that the original content will be available.

We have added a page for text links and a page for video links (within the Learning Center drop down list).

We have created an additional page for external links to other websites or pages which contain interesting information.


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