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 Our efforts involve Education and History Especially Involving  Our Ancestors. The Magna Charta Barons, the leaders especially those identified as Kings or Queens, those with accomplishments during the life of George Washington; these are worthy of recognition. Their achievements benefit all!

Remember To Respect the Accomplishments of Our Ancestors as our Descendants May Respect Ours

There are several initial questions: 
Why Join A Lineage Society?
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What the Lineage Societies Are Doing?
The taps provide ways to find the pages for the Barons, the Immigrant Ancestors we are familiar with (including some of their distinguished ancestors); ways to order sypplies and especially media, including video and transcribed text.

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Index Of Immigrant Ancestor Names

Index Of Surety and Non Surety  Barons Issue Page

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Immigrant Ancestor Index Page

The Magna Charta Descendant Immigrants To America


The Drop Down Boxes Have Names Which Link to the Immigrant Pages.

This is the beginning of a project to provide profiles, biographical information and some genealogical information about the immigrants to America who were descended from the Magna Charta Barons as well as other immigrants to America with noble ancestry. We plan to include biographical information both before and after immigration. We hope to include pictures. The planned format is to eventually have a page for each of the immigrants with noble connections. We are starting with 56 ancestors. As explained below, we plan to develop information for these 56 before adding additional ancestors.

This information concerning the immigrants is based on the best information which is available to the author of this page. Should any viewer have additional information which might enhance the page, please either write or E-mail the information to the applicable address on the Society Home Page including the recommended changes.

We recognize that recent developments in technology have expanded our historical horizons by enabling researchers to have increasing access to information. We encourage the historians and genealogists among our viewers to undertake research projects concerning the Barons which will utilize the additional information.

Please furnish the information either using E-mail, CD or DVD using Microsoft Word. References should be included for all information and permission should be obtained for all copyrighted information. We reserve the right to edit all material prior to inclusion on the Site and request the copyright for original material. If there is conflicting information, we will either leave both points of view on the Site or, if that would lead to confusion, then we will present a conclusion with a footnote explaining the conflict. Recognizing that new information is available from time to time to historians and genealogists there should be some lively debate on occasion.

The Newsletter of the National Society Magna Charta Dames and Barons included a listing of 56 of the immigrant ancestors who were listed in the Wurts Magna Charta Series. Each ancestor=s name was followed by initials representing the Surety Baron ancestors of each.

This page provides an index to the pages (to be added) for each of the immigrant ancestors. On the page for each of the immigrants, initially the Surety Baron ancestors along with certain noble ancestors will be included. The Surety Baron ancestors will be linked to the page for the applicable Surety Baron.

The remaining information on each page will be developed in the future. When the biographical information has been added for substantially all of the initial 56 ancestors, then additional ancestor pages will be added. If, however, your immigrant ancestor is not on the initial list, then you may submit his or her biographical information and, if approved, that information will be added to a new page which will be added to the site for that ancestor. Since this information is to be shared by all those who view this Web Site, we consider it appropriate to develop the information as a shared project. If this approach isn't successful, then we will try a new approach.

The initial list of immigrant ancestors are on the drop down list to the right.


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