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 Our efforts involve Education and History Especially Involving  Our Ancestors. The Magna Charta Barons, the leaders especially those identified as Kings or Queens, those with accomplishments during the life of George Washington; these are worthy of recognition. Their achievements benefit all!

Remember To Respect the Accomplishments of Our Ancestors as our Descendants May Respect Ours

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The taps provide ways to find the pages for the Barons, the Immigrant Ancestors we are familiar with (including some of their distinguished ancestors); ways to order sypplies and especially media, including video and transcribed text.

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The Magna Charta Barons at Runnymede Home Page

    This is the beginning of a project to provide profiles and biographical information about the Barons who were at Runnymede in June, 1215 in support of the Charter. The planned format is to eventually have a page for each of the Barons.

    The 25 Surety Barons, listed in the Magna Charta, of whom 17 have left issue who survived, have received considerable genealogical attention so that the focus of the information on their pages will be biographical and historical.

    The additional 200 Barons who are preliminarily listed below have not, to our knowledge, received the same attention from authors who have published genealogical research. The focus of the information on their pages will include some genealogical information as well as the biographical and historical information.

This information concerning the Barons is based on the best information which is available to the author of this page. Should any viewer have additional information which might enhance the page, please either write or E-mail the information to the applicable address on the Society Home Page including the recommended changes.    

We recognize that recent developments in technology have expanded our historical horizons by enabling researchers to have increasing access to information. We encourage the historians and genealogists among our viewers to undertake research projects concerning the Barons which will utilize the additional information.

    Please furnish the information either using E-mail or on a 3 1/2 inch disk using either WordPerfect or Word. References should be included for all information and permission should be obtained for all copyrighted information. The Society reserves the right to edit all material prior to inclusion on the Site and requests the copyright for original material. If there is conflicting information, the Society will either leave both points of view on the Site or, if that would lead to confusion, then the Society will present its conclusion with a footnote explaining the conflict. Recognizing that new information is available from time to time to historians and genealogists there should be some lively debate on occasion.

This is a listing of the 25* Surety Barons of Magna Charta:

    Lord of Belvoir Castle, Leicestershire d. 1236
ROGER BIGOD Earl of Norfolk d. 1220
HUGH BIGOD The Earl of Norfolk's heir d. 1225
HENRY DE BOHUN Earl of Hereford d. 1220
RICHARD DE CLARE Earl of Hertford d. 1217
GILBERT DE CLARE The Earl of Hertford's heir d. 1230
JOHN FITZROBERT Lord of Warkworth Castle, Northumberland d. 1240
ROBERT FITZWALTER Lord of Dunmow Castle, Essexshire d. 1234
WILLIAM DE FORTIBUS Earl of Albemarle d. 1241
WILLIAM DE HARDELL Mayor of London d. after 1216
WILLIAM DE HUNTINGFIELD A feudal baron in Suffolk d. 1220
WILLIAM DE LANVALLEI Lord of Stanway Castle, Essex d. 1217
JOHN DE LACIE Lord of Halton Castle, Cheshire d. 1240
WILLIAM MALET Lord of Curry-Malet, Somersetshire d. about 1217
GEOFFREY DE MANDEVILLE Earl of Essex and Gloucester d. 1216
WILLIAM MARSHALL JR The Earl of Pembroke's heir d. 1231
*ROGER DE MONTBEGON Lord of Horneby, Lancashire d. 1226
RICHARD DE MONTFICHET A feudal baron in Essex? d. after 1258
*ROGER DE MOWBRAY A feudal baron in Northumberland d. 1218
WILLIAM DE MOWBRAY Lord of Axholme Castle, Lincolnshire d. 1223
SAIRE DE QUINCEY Earl of Winchester d. 1219
RICHARD DE PERCY A feudal baron of Yorkshire d. 1244
ROBERT DE ROOS Lord of Hamlake Castle, Yorkshire d. 1226
GEOFFREY DE SAYE A feudal baron in Sussex? d. 1230
ROBERT DE VERE Earl of Oxford d. 1221
EUSTACE DE VESCI Lord of Alnwick, Northumberland d. 1216

*Note that Roger de Montbegon was an original Surety but was replaced by Roger de Mowbray. Neither had issue.

The 1994 Society Newsletter included a listing that Charles H. Browning who died in 1926 presented of Barons and others who he indicated were in arms to procure the Great Charter of Liberties from King John A.D. 1213-15. I am listing the longer of two lists excluding the 25 Surety Barons and Roger de Montbegon who was an original Surety but was replaced by Roger de Mowbray. We have not been able to ascertain his source for the listing. Since most of the members of the Society are descended from the Surety Barons and not these additional Barons, we have encouraged our members to undertake additional research to establish that these additional Barons were at Runnymede and to provide information concerning each. This is a listing of the Barons and others:

  • Odonel d'Albini
  • Philip d'Albini
  • William d'Albini
  • William d'Albini Jr
  • Robert d'Arcie
  • Norman d'Arcy
  • Thomas d'Arcy
  • Reginald d'Argentine
  • Richard d'Argentine
  • William d'Aquillon
  • Thomas d'Astley
  • Walter d'Astley
  • William de Badlesmere
  • Ralph Basset
  • Walcheline de Beauchamp
  • Walter de Beauchamp
  • William de Beauchamp
  • William de Beaumont
  • John Beke
  • Robert de Berkeley
  • Thomas de Berkeley
  • Peter de Bermingham
  • Roger Bertram
  • Harvey Bigot
  • Henry Bigot
  • William Bigot
  • William le Blount
  • Osbert de Bobi
  • William de Bosco
  • Ralph le Boteler
  • William le Boteler
  • R______ le Brackele
  • John de Braose
  • Bertram de Bulemer
  • Robert de Bulkeley
  • Ralph de Camois
  • William de Cantilupe
  • Simeon de Cauci
  • Oliver Champernowne
  • Walleran de Cirencester
  • Hugh de Charneles
  • Robert de Charun
  • Pain de Chaworth
  • Adam de Chetwynd
  • John de Clavering
  • Walter de Clifford
  • Henry de Cobeham
  • Robert de Coleville
  • William de Coleville
  • Robert Corbet
  • Robert de Courtenay
  • Maurice de Credonis
  • John de Cressie
  • Roger de Cressie
  • Hamon Crevequer
  • Ralph de Cromwell
  • Philip de nevaud
  • Geoffrey le Despenser
  • Walter de Dunstanville
  • W______ d'Einford
  • Oliver d'Encourt
  • Richard d'Engaine
  • Vitalis d'Engaine
  • Henry d'Eu
  • J______ de Fereby
  • Biset de Fersi
  • Brian Fitzalan
  • John Fitzalan
  • Osbert Fitzalan
  • John Fitzgeoffrey
  • Peter Fitzjohn
  • Philip Fitzjohn
  • Robert Fitzmaldred
  • Roger Fitzpayne
  • Robert Fitzralph
  • Gilbert Fitzreinfride
  • Ralph Fitzrobert
  • Fulke Fitzwarine
  • William Fitzwilliam
  • Walter Foliot
  • John Fortescue
  • Ralph de Frescheville
  • William de Fynes
  • Gilbert de Gant
  • Maurice de Gant
  • Stephen de Gant
  • John Giffard
  • Richard Giffard
  • Roger Giffard
  • Hugh de Gourney
  • Robert de Gresley
  • Henry de Grey
  • John de Grey
  • William de Greystock
  • William de Grimthorpe
  • Osbert Gyfford
  • Peter de Halsbury
  • Thomas de Harpetre
  • Humphrey de Hastang
  • William de Hastings
  • William de Heron
  • Giles de Hersi
  • Gervase de Hobregge
  • W______ de Hobregge
  • John de Humet
  • Robert d'Insula
  • Roger de Jarpeville
  • William de Kayneto
  • Simon de Kyme
  • Simon Langton
  • Roger de Leiburne
  • Adam de Lincoln
  • Henry Lovel
  • John Lovel
  • William Lovel
  • Richard de Lucie
  • Geoffrey de Luttrell
  • Robert Maldwith (Manduit)
  • John Maltravers
  • Geoffrey de Mandeville Jr
  • William de Mandeville
  • R______ de Mandeville
  • Robert de Marmion
  • Robert de Marmion Jr
  • William de Marmion
  • William de Mauduit
  • Geoffrey de Meantune
  • Giles de Melun
  • Roger de Merley
  • William de Mersbray
  • Reginald de Mohun
  • William de Montacute
  • Peter de Montfort
  • Simon de Montfort
  • Thomas de Multon
  • Robert Muscegros
  • Eustace de Nevill
  • Henry de Nevill
  • Adam de Newsmarch
  • James de Newsmarch
  • Walter de Norton
  • Geoffrey de Norwich
  • William d'Odingsells
  • Henry d'Oyly
  • Hugh Paganel
  • Adam Painel
  • William Pantulf
  • William de Paulet
  • Henry de Percy
  • Robert de Pincheni
  • Hugh de Playz
  • Adam de Port
  • Michael de Poynings
  • Hugh de Poyntz
  • Nicholas de Poyntz
  • Alexander Puinter (Puintune)
  • Robert de Quincey
  • William de Raleigh
  • William de Roos
  • Gilbert de Saundford
  • Geoffrey de Saye Jr
  • David le Scot
  • Roger de Somerville
  • Almaric de Spencer
  • Hugh de Spencer
  • Thrustan de Spencer
  • Ralph de Somerie
  • William de Studham
  • Nicholas de Stuteville
  • Alexander de Sutton
  • Roger St. John
  • William St. John
  • Roger St. Philbert
  • Hugh St. Philbert
  • Richard de Talbot
  • Robert de Tatshalt
  • Hugh Thacun
  • Walter de Tibetot
  • William de Todeni
  • Ralph de Toni
  • William de Tracy
  • Richard d'Umfravill
  • Roger de Valletort
  • Gilbert de la Val
  • Robert de Valoines
  • Theobald de Valoines
  • Oliver de Vaux
  • Ranulph de Vaux
  • Robert de Vaux
  • Nicholas de Verdon
  • Walter de Vere
  • John de Wahull(Woodhull)
  • Hugh Wake
  • Henry de Walpol
  • John de Walpol
  • William de Welles
  • Ralph de Willoughby
  • William de Windsore
  • W______ de Wymes
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