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 Our efforts involve Education and History Especially Involving  Our Ancestors. The Magna Charta Barons, the leaders especially those identified as Kings or Queens, those with accomplishments during the life of George Washington; these are worthy of recognition. Their achievements benefit all!

Remember To Respect the Accomplishments of Our Ancestors as our Descendants May Respect Ours

There are several initial questions: 
Why Join A Lineage Society?
How to Join a Lineage Society?
What the Lineage Societies Are Doing?
The taps provide ways to find the pages for the Barons, the Immigrant Ancestors we are familiar with (including some of their distinguished ancestors); ways to order sypplies and especially media, including video and transcribed text.

We hope you enjoy our Site.


Following the name of the video link which will take you directly to the video, there may be a text link which is to the transcribed text of the individual talk. If the text is not included and you wish to transcribe it, please send us the transcribed text for our website. We do, however, retain the copyright to the material.



Featured Video Note - [S] indicates Silverlight Encoding

[S} 2006 - Sir Robert Worcester
[S] - 3 -2008 - David Rubenstein, Esq
2007 Opening the MC Case
[S]- Introduction by Francis Neate
[S]- LN Thanked Dean Buckler and WAyne Valis
[S]- Dean Buckler Welcome


General Topics of Video
Lunch and Dinner Speakers (1998 - 2009)
Magna Charta Exhibits
Magna Charta US/UK Lectures - Lincoln Conferences

Lunch and Dinner Speakers (1998 - 2009)

HyperLink    HyperLink

1998 - James Humes, Esquire OBE
1999 - Dr. Ray Raymond OBE
2001 - Arabella Churchill
2003 - Hon Ron Sarason
2004 - Remarks Linda Watkins, President DAR
2004 - Intro of Dean Knight  Dean o Lincoln Cathedral
2004 - Remarks by Dean Knight    Remarks Text
2005 - Intro and Remarks by Tim Guy    CLN Remarks TG Remarks Text
2006 - Chancellor Neilson - Remarks - low res
2006 - Chancellor Neilson - Remarks
2006 - Chancellor Neilson - Presentation - low res
2006 - Chancellor Neilson - Presentation
2007 - Rev Canon Prof Mike West - Introduction  MW Bio Text 
2007 - Rev Canon Prof Mike West - Presentation   Talk Text
2008 [S4] Wayne Valis Presentation   Update
2009 [S37]- DC - Francis Neate, Esq - Presentation
2009 [S40]- DC Questions


Magna Charta Exhibits -

[S]- 1976 Exhibit Washington DC

2002 MC Exhibit Luncheon

Opening of the Magna Charta Exhibit in Philadelphia on July 3, 2002.
Opening by Girls Choir from England  ;
Remarks by Judge Becker, Chief Judge U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit -
 Low Res  or 

Med Res  ;
Introduction by Judge Becker and Remarks by Donald W. Murphy,  Deputy Director, Natl Park Serv

Low Res ;or Med Res ;
Introduction by Judge Becker and Remarks by Rt. Hon Lord Goldsmith, QC, Her Majesty's Attorney General - Low Res or Med Res ; and Closing from the Girls Choir from England

2006 Lincoln US/UK Week

Intro Alan Nugent - low res
Intro Alan Nugent
Reg Weaver - low res
Reg Weaver
Request For Questions
Rquest For Questions - 1
Steve Sinnott - low res
Steve Sinnott
Questions of Reg Weaver - low res
Questions of Reg Weaver -



2006 Lincoln Tape 2 - Clip  check
2006 Lincoln Tape 2 - Clip check

2007 Exhibit Virginia Beach

The 2007 MC Exhibit Virginia Beach
Jody Wagner  , Virginia Secretary of Finance (presenting a letter of welcome from the Governor of Virginia)
Senator Kenneth Stolle  of Virginia
Hon. Leroy Hassell Sr  Chief Justice of the Virgnia Supreme Court
Hon. Leroy Hassell Sr.
William Campbell   Chairman of the Contemporary Art Center of Virginia
William Campbell
Dean Buckler  Dean of Lincoln
William Campbell - Intro of Reg Weaver
Reg Weaver, President NEA
Cameron Kitchen, Executive Director CACV
Thomas Reuger Pres and CEO Suntrust Bank
Meyera Oberndorf Mayor of Virginia BEach
Ribbon Cutting Ceremony




2007 Exhibit Constitution Center - Philadelphia, PA

S Video of Entire Opening [S]- 12 const ctr open

  2007 Exhibit
The Play
William B. Peterson
James Earl Jones
Reg Weaver
Patrick R. Gaston
The Exhibit


Exhibit Reagan Library

[S34a]-Intro Reagan Library Exhibit
[S35]-Dean Buckler Reagan Library Exhibit  

2007 Magna Charta Week

MC Week 2007 Dean Buckler
2007 Dean Fiennes
2007 Opening the MC Case

2008 Magna Charta Week

[SV14-org27]- 2008 Magna Charta Lecture

2008 June Conference Lincoln UK

[S]- Tony Benn
[S]- Welcome by Prof Chiddick
[S]- Movie
[S]- 2006HyperLink-5a
[S]- Talk by Dr. Liam Fox MP
[SV8-org20]- 2008 Thanks - 8
[SV9-org21]- Wayne Valis Talk
[SV10-org22]- Dr. Fox Response
[SV11-org23]- Ch West Talk
[SV12-org24]- West Response To Questions
[SV13-org25]- Tony Benn Response To Questions
[SV15-org28]- Evensong and Conferment
[SV16-org29]- Dame Pauline Green
[SV17-org30]- Weaver/Valis Questions
[SV18-org31]- Wayne Valis Response
[SV19-org32]- Reg Weaver Talk

2009 Exhibit Fraunces Tavern

Exhibit Opening by Dr. Charles Lucas, President NY PSSR
Address by Dean Buckler
Plaque Dedication
Remarks by Mrs. Hughes
Thanks To Staff by Dr. Lucas
Scenes from the Exhibit

2010 - November Launch of 2015 Celebration

[S|} November 12, 2010 - Launch at Runnymede Page listing Video

2011 - June 2011 Page listing Video

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