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 Our efforts involve Education and History Especially Involving  Our Ancestors. The Magna Charta Barons, the leaders especially those identified as Kings or Queens, those with accomplishments during the life of George Washington; these are worthy of recognition. Their achievements benefit all!

Remember To Respect the Accomplishments of Our Ancestors as our Descendants May Respect Ours

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The taps provide ways to find the pages for the Barons, the Immigrant Ancestors we are familiar with (including some of their distinguished ancestors); ways to order sypplies and especially media, including video and transcribed text.

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KG2 chked

Edward IV (1461–1483)

George Plantagenet, Duke of Clarence 1449–1478 1461
William Chamberlaine d. 1462 1461
John Tiptoft, 1st Earl of Worcester 1427–1470 1462
William Hastings, 1st Baron Hastings c. 1430–1483 1462
John Nevill, 1st Baron Montagu c. 1431–1471 1462
William Herbert, 1st Baron Herbert c. 1423–1469 1462
John Astley d. 1488 1462
Ferdinand I, King of Naples d. 1494 1463
Galeard de Durefort, Seigneur de Duras c. 1430–1487 1463 Resigned c. 1476
John le Scrope, 5th Baron Scrope of Bolton 1435–1498 1463
Francesco Sforza, Duke of Milan 1401–1466 c.1463
James Douglas, 9th Earl of Douglas d. 1491 c.1463
Robert Harcourt 1410–1470 c.1463
Richard, Duke of Gloucester 1452–1485 c. 1466 Later Richard III, King of England
Anthony Woodville, Baron Scales 1442–1483 c.1466 Later Earl Rivers
Inigo d'Avalos, Count of Monteodorisio d. 1484 1467 Not Installed
Charles, Duke of Burgundy 1433–1477 1470
William Fitzalan, 16th Earl of Arundel 1417–1488 1472
John Mowbray, 4th Duke of Norfolk 1444–1476 1472
John Stafford, 1st Earl of Wiltshire d. 1473 1472
Walter Devereux, 7th Baron Ferrers d. 1485 1472
Walter Blount, 1st Baron Mountjoy c. 1420–1474 1472
John Howard, 1st Baron Howard c. 1430–1485 1472 Later Duke of Norfolk
John de la Pole, 2nd Duke of Suffolk 1442–1491 c. 1473
Thomas Fitzalan, Baron Maltravers d. 1524 1474
William Parre d. c.1483 1474
Henry Stafford, 2nd Duke of Buckingham 1454–1483 c. 1474
Federico da Montefeltro, Duke of Urbino 1422–1482 1474
Henry Percy, 4th Earl of Northumberland c. 1449–1489 1474
Edward, Prince of Wales 1470–1483 1475 Later Edward V, King of England
Richard, Duke of York 1473-1483? 1475
Thomas Grey, 1st Marquess of Dorset 1451–1501 1476 Degraded 1483; Restored 1485
Thomas Montgomery d. 1495 1476
Ferdinand II, King of Aragon and Castile 1452–1516 1480
Hercules d'Este, Duke of Modena and Ferrara 1431–1505 1480
John II, King of Portugal 1455–1495 1482 Not Installed; Reelected 1488


Ladies of the Garter:

  Margaret, Lady Harcourt (c.1468)

Ladies of the Garter:



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