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 Our efforts involve Education and History Especially Involving  Our Ancestors. The Magna Charta Barons, the leaders especially those identified as Kings or Queens, those with accomplishments during the life of George Washington; these are worthy of recognition. Their achievements benefit all!

Remember To Respect the Accomplishments of Our Ancestors as our Descendants May Respect Ours

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                                                                                              This Page will identify various issues and will provide an overview of the Project.

Issues Identified: The reconciliations are listed below. Originally the project of identifying the Knights of the Garter in connection with the ancestral requirements for the Society of Descendants of Knights of the Most Noble Order of the Garter involved identifications from the various sources. The publications in 1984 and 1999 of outstanding books on the Order including a list which is substantially similar to the Wiki list has been very helpful in the verification process.

Process of Genealogical Checking - the Number of Knights refers to the 1999 listing with the adjustments listed below.

Name of King or Queen of England Number of Knights Checked Plantagenet Descent Other Royal Descent Still Checking
 The Founders of the Order 25 12   13
Edward III King 1349-1377 37 18   19
Richard II King  1377-1399 30 13   17
Henry IV King 1399-1413 27 11   16
Henry V King 1413-1422 21 7   14
Henry VI King 1422-1461 44 21   23
Edward IV King 1461-1483 36 18   18
Edward V  King 1483        
Richard III King 1483-1485 7 5   2
Henry VII King 1485-1509 37 21   16
Henry VIII King 1509-1547 53 37   16
Edward VI  King 1547-1553 13 8   5
Mary I Queen 1553-1558 6   3
Elizabeth I  Queen 1558-1603 53 33   20
James I King 1603-1625 27 12   15
Charles I King 1625-1649 23 16   7
Charles II King 1649-1685 47 29   18
James II King 1685-1688 7 6   1
William and Mary King and Queen 1689-1694 7 4   3
William III  King 1694-1702 7 3   4
Anne  Queen 1702-1714 14 10   4
George I  King 1714-1727 21 17   4
George II  King 1727-1760 34 24   10
George III  King 1760-1820 (Including the Regency of 1811 - 1820 73 57   16
George IV King 1820-1830 14 11   3
William IV  King 1830-1837 14 9   5
Victoria  Queen 1837-1901 133 90   43
Edward VII  King 1901-1910 25 15   10
George V  King 1910-1936 44 19   25
Edward VIII  King 1936        
George VI  King 1836-1952 28 17   11
Elizabeth II Queen 1952 -- 77     52
Sub Total Up To 1999 987      
Elizabeth II Queen (after 1999) 15     10
Total To 2008 1002      

The Subtotal above of 987 is the number on the 1999 Listing with the following notes. There is King Henry III, King of Castile (nom. c. 1402) with a duplicate number. The following 3 Royal Knights who have been identified as Companions but for whom we did not find numbers on the 1999 List are:
King Edward III
King Edward IV
The Pretender

Note also: The Wiki list included Ladies of the Garter who were not included in the 1999 list until the 1987 Statute of the Order which allowed Lady Knights:
The Lady Knights included as Companions are:
Lavinia Duchess of Norfolk     1990
Baroness Thatcher                 1995
HRH Princess Alexandra         2003
Baroness Soames                    2005

The 1999 listing included 9 Ladies of the Garter:

When originally entering the list of Knights of the Garter I found that there were indications that the following we members but who were not subsequently in the 1999 list. Further checking has indicated that they probably were not members.

James Stuart (Old Pretendor) 1688-1766)
    [son of James II King of England][18840]

Charles 5th Duke of Brandon (1718-1675) Son of Henry 4th Duke of Bolton [24011]

Charles Neville, 6th Earl of Westmoreland (1543-1601][son of Henry Neville 5th Earl of Westmoreland][23962]

John 23rd of Mar was listed as KG and KT  [1675-1732][23950]

Edward Prince of Wales [1453-1471][15544] Son of King Henry VI of England

Compton, Spencer 8th Earl of Northampton son of Charles Compton MP [1738-1796][27566]

Conyers, Sir John son of John Conyers K.G. [decd 1469][16088]

De Courtenay Hugh Lord Courtenay son of Hugh de Courtenay LordCourtenay son of Hugh de Courtenay K.G.[1327-1349][25947]

De Percy, Henry 2nd Baron of Alnwick son of Henry de Percy 8th Baron [1299-1351][868]

Ker, Robert 2nd Duke of Roxburghe son of Joh Ker 1st Duke of Roxburghe[1709-1755][24577]

Percy prob William 1st Marquis and Duke of Powis son of Percy and Lord Powis [1617-1696] [20642]

Sir Geoffrey Pole father of Richard Pole [d. 1474][1553]

Pole, Sir Henry Baron Montague son of Richard Pole [1492-1538][1558]

 Talbot, Sir Richard 4th Baron Talbot  son of Gilbert Talbot [1361-1396][939]

Tucket, James Lord Audley [decd 1459] [18048]

Walpole, Robert 2nd Earl of Oxford son of Robert Walpole [1701-1751][23780]

Welles, Richard 6th Lord Willoughby de Eresby son of Leo 6th Baron Welles [d. 1469][23780]


 Reference: Wikimedia Foundation
  The links on this page take you to a page which in turn links to the Wiki Page for each of the Knights with Wiki Pages.  



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